Aiming to expand the number of users by having users who like pigeons from all over the world use the service.

December 16, 2012, Factory Co., Ltd. which operates a series of game apps of pigeons, has updated "Pigeon Calculator," a calculator app of pigeons, to support English notation and released an explanatory video (English version) on YouTube.

Pigeon calculator

Click here to see an explanatory video.

Pigeon Calculator Introduction Video


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What is Pigeon Calculator?

Pigeon Calculator is a simple calculator application that makes a sound like a pigeon's call every time you press a button.
The sound can be set on or off.
A pigeon is displayed at the top, and the pigeon moves slightly when the ÷ x - + buttons are pressed.
It is also possible to change to a different bird by switching the setting.

You can choose your bird.

Birds that can be selected are as follows
Raven (aka jet black lightning)
Eagle (aka emperor of the universe)
Sexy pigeon

Background of the support of English notation

The number of pigeon lovers in Japan is limited, but we believe that there are many more pigeon lovers around the world, and that we can attract more users by making the site available in English, the most widely used language in the world.

Pigeon Calculator Overview

Name: Pigeon Calculator
Distribution start: August 10, 2021
Usage: Download from smartphones
Distribution Method: App Store and Google Play
App Store:
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